Dear Me: Lines to the Person I Want To Be

Be Still.

In every season of life, you will find that your world ebbs and flows with chaos. And in your day-to-day–the wax and wane, the same old same–you will find yourself lost in the abyss of “one day.” 
So be still. For in your stillness you’ll find soul-rest, and that is where you will find your peace. 

Forever be the kind of person who wakes up at the crack of dawn just so you can watch the glorious rays of morning joy climb up over the horizon.

His world is far too glorious–His creation far too magnificent–for you to lose even an ounce of wonderment. 

Never forget the you that was alone.

Never forget how, even in your aloneness, you were found by Him–found in Him. When you find yourself feeling lonely, remember the you that was alone and still known, lonely and still loved, isolated but still seen, wandering but still chosen. Then, be to someone else the kind of person you wish others were to you. Be the one that chases down the lonely and draws them into a world of joy and community.

Chase the threads of grace throughout your life.

Never stop connecting the dots to the numerous ways He has led you to the greatest of gifts. Be awed at the tapestry He weaves in your life, even from spools of pain and sorrow–He will turn it to everlasting, vibrant joy.  

Count your gifts. 

Just as gratitude has acted as a life-preserver in the past, it will continue to be so for the rest of your days. It will be what points you back to Him and all His goodness, over and over again. In bountiful harvest or devasting famine, look to the skies, find every bit of heaven-fallen manna, and turn back every blessing as praise to Him. 

Be a praying person. 

Keep carrying around that worn leather journal everywhere you go, and keep carrying on that never-ending conversation with Jesus, spilled out in black ink across brown pages. Let your heart be carried by the One who creates a beautiful masterpiece from the broken mosaic of prayers you cling to. 

Keep finding your people. 

Even the ones you’ve already found. Keeping finding them. Keep searching their hearts, knowing their souls, pushing through all the painful seasons with them. Never stop finding your people. Be the one who shows up with a meal, be the one who shows up ready to watch the kids, or clean the house, or give a sweet gift, or write a kind note to let someone know that they are seen and they are loved. 

Celebrate mediocrity. 

Keep playing piano, even though you can’t read sheet music and only know a handful of chords. Your Father will never–not ever–tire of hearing those chords played for Him. 
You are so much more than the product you can produce. 
All He wants is your heart. 
So it’s okay if you are simply mediocre. 
If the only dessert you ever learn to make is the no-bake cookies you’ve made since you were 9, then make them with every ounce of love in your being. 
If you only kinda-sorta know how to strum out a broken tune on that old ukulele, then do so with radiant joy. 
Dance at every wedding, even if it’s only ever a combination of awkward, offbeat jumping set to music. Don’t set aside the joy of this life because you aren’t perfect at something. 

Know that you are becoming exactly what He has purposed you to become. So stop worrying about becoming and simply be. 

You don’t have to force it. You can pursue it–the way of The Way Himself–but you don’t have to worry yourself about the end of the story because no matter what comes, the end is always good because the end is always Him. No matter how many days you fall short, no matter how many times you fall flat, no matter how many times you feel like you’re failing and falling in every aspect of this life, know that He still sees you, and He still chooses you. And because of that truth, you can breathe. 

In and out 
Up and down. 
Over and over again. 

Exhale the weight of this world and inhale His lovingkindness and know this:
the only you that you need to be is the you that is found in Him. 


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