Keep Saying Yes

Can I just say something? My family is crazy. I mean, we’re actually insane. Everyone thinks it, even if they say they don’t. People don’t just do what we do without a little bit of insanity. So when we decided to take in two more children, and then later bring their toddler brother into our home as well, people’s idea that we were crazy was pretty much cemented in.

So, why? Why do we keep saying yes? Why have we taken in 8 children, bumping our family count up to 12, when we could just say no?

We signed up to say yes. We signed up to sacrifice. We signed up for this, and we aren’t going to say no because it’s scary. There are so many aspects to foster care that I love. Getting to meet new people, the feeling that we’re doing something meaningful with our lives, the amazing children it has brought into our home. But today… today I was reminded of what I hate about foster care. As I listened to the baby scream for his mommy as she hurried to her car, as I hugged the sweet little girl as tears streamed down her face and told her over and over again that it would be okay, as I felt myself begin to break as I watched this family break… I hated it. I watched a woman cling to my mother for dear life and sob in her arms for her children. I held the hand of a grieving grandmother, and I cried. I want to make it better, and I can’t. Driving home I see two tear stained faces in my rear-view mirror, and I try to hold back my tears.

We are crazy. Crazy about these kids, crazy about impacting these parents, crazy about the calling Jesus has placed upon our lives. It’s hard. It’s really hard. But it’s also really worth it. Because we love them. Because Jesus loves us. No matter how hard it gets and how overwhelming it becomes, God’s grace is sufficient.

So yes, we are crazy. And yes, we will keeping saying yes. As long as we have room and children need homes, we will keeping saying yes. Not for us, but for them. For the kids, for the mama’s, for the grandmas, and the aunts, and the uncles. We will keep saying yes to loving these kids, and if that makes us crazy then so be it. But in my opinion, the thought of living a life to serve my needs and not the needs of others is what sounds crazy. To me, saying no sounds crazy. We have room, we have love, we have Jesus, why not? I know that at the end of my life I can look back and know I made a difference in at least a small group of people. Seems worth it to me.

So yes, we are fully aware that we are crazy. But we’ll keep saying yes.

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