When You’re Not Good Enough


Perfection. Boy, it’s something I struggle with. Every day making the perfect plans, to have the perfect day, and be the perfect person. And in the end it all comes crashing down around me.
Am I the only one who struggles with the idea that we must be perfect? That I have be what everyone wants me to be? It never works. I always mess up, because I’m human. I can’t be perfect, no matter how hard I push myself to be.

Then why? Why do I strive for the unattainable? Why do I break myself bending over backwards to be good?

I suppose it boils down to wanting to be liked. Wanting people to see me in the best light possible. But to what end? Never can I prove perfect, when I am not. Never can I appear to be well put together when I’m falling apart. Never. So why? Why do I ruin myself trying to please the world?

This world is not my home. This world is not my judge. God is.

Boy, aren’t we lucky that God doesn’t judge us the way this world does? Aren’t we incredibly blessed that we don’t have to be perfect? That Christ is our perfect, and in His eyes, we are righteous? No matter how many times we mess up, we are forgiven over and over again.

So why do I still break myself for perfection?

In this world we are told we have to meet certain standards to be considered “good enough”. We learn this the very second we enter the world.
We’re all under pressure to be perfect. So, instead of turning to Christ for our perfect, we turn to ourselves. Instead of working to please Christ, we try to please the world. And let me tell you, this world is never pleased. It’s never satisfied with your efforts.

The race for perfection is a race without a finish line. And in the end, you’ll kill yourself trying to appease the world.

I’ve been running that race for far too long.
I’ve gone to extremes to insure I was liked. To insure I was good enough. For whatever reason I couldn’t get it in my head that this was a fight I’d never win.

I pray for peaceful imperfection. Because I believe I’m finally starting to see where my perfect lies.

In Christ. 

He’s the answer to it all, isn’t He?

He’s the answer to love, to hurt, to tears, to betrayal, to heartbreak, to anger, to imperfection. He’s the answer that so many in this world overlook. He’s the answer that so many people in this world hate. But in the end, He is the answer. Whether we like it or not, He is.

So here I am. An imperfect mess, loved by a perfect Savior. A Savior who will hold the ashes of your life and turn them to beauty. A Savior who loves His people no matter what.

This world no longer can break me for perfection, and it doesn’t have to break you either.
Trust His perfect, and stop chasing after something that doesn’t exist.

No, we’re not good enough. We never will be, not on our own.
But with Christ we can move mountains. With Christ we can love. With Christ we are free from the taunts of the world.

In Christ, we are good enough.



2 thoughts on “When You’re Not Good Enough

  1. As I read this post, the only thought that raced through my head was, “SAME! This is SO me! I totally feel so much! Exactly! I know, right?” Thank you for making my thoughts a reality. It feels amazing to know someone with the same perspective as yourself 🙂

    If you’d like, check out my blog: randomalley707.blogspot.com and leave a comment! I’d love to hear what you think!

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